Radio Bronglais Buy A New Mixer!

Written by on 29 October 2018

On Friday October 19th, Sam and Tom travelled down to Royal Free Radio in London in order to pick up our new broadcast mixer, and even had the opportunity to have a quick chat on air!

After arriving back in Aberystwyth in the early hours of the morning, Sam and Tom headed home for some well needed rest.

On Saturday evening, Al, Sam, Tom and Rob’s work would begin immediately after Rob Rouse’s show, (and after an opportunity to take a quick photo with the old mixer).

The first task was to remove the old mixer, as well as all the cables and wires.

Removing the old mixer left a large hole in our tabletop, so that also had to go! Thankfully, we had a spare in the attic.

The work continued late into the night and throughout the following morning, with a short break to enjoy some pizza.

Once the new tabletop was in place, we were able to bring the new mixer into its new home and start connecting everything back together again!

The mixer was nearly ready, with only a bit more calibration and cable checking necessary.

Everything was ready for use at about 6:00 on Sunday morning, and we could take the studio back on air again ready for Pete’s show at 7:00.

We even had a chance to take a quick photo with the new mixer!

Pete arrived in time for his show, and Al, Sam and Tom could leave shortly afterwards to go to bed. Since then we have done over a week of broadcasting on our new setup!

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